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5 Stars
Fantastic, Natural Soap
I ordered Havamal through the great people at Above Time Coffee. It is almost too beautiful to use. This soap is so refreshing, smells and feels wonderful with no chemicals or residue. I’m really looking forward to ordering more for my family and as gifts. Highly recommend.
- Melissa

5 Stars
Feeling Truly Clean
Product: Aloe Vera
Positive Attributes: 1. Antidote for dry skin/winter itch. I usually experience maddening seasonal Autumn and Winter itching as the weather turns colder and the humidity drops in Southern California. At times my back would feel like it was covered in fire ants. I began using the product in August and since the weather turned the itching has NOT appeared. I am going to Las Vegas in December where this problem is decidedly worse so I’m interested to see how it performs there. 2. Rinses fully. No residue left behind, thus I’m left feeling fully clean 2. Good value. $6.75/bar may seem like a lot but that bar lasts on the average of 18-21 day of daily showers.
Negative Attributes - None this far.
- Bruce

5 Stars
Amazing soaps
These are truly wonderful soaps, I have a few varieties and cannot wait to get more!
- Merry L.

5 Stars
Start Your Day With The War Horn
I was mid rinse when it all started.  I could feel the tingle of newly formed testosterone coursing through my veins.  As I look down at my swelling bicep, I notice just how vascular I had become.  Each beat of my heart feels like a deep drum beat coming from a Viking ship.  Although I have yet to look in the mirror, I am positive I have grown a full beard and my hair has gained a reddish tint.  Whether you plan to pillage the nearest town or post up in your temperature controlled cubicle… there’s no reason not to start your day like a Viking.  I highly recommend Havamal Artisan Soaps.
- Eric G.

5 Stars
I love the concept too!
I received the "Luck Dragon" soap as a gift and had to look up your website to see what is in it; it smells so good and feminine and finishes softly on the skin...and that's the first time I've seen cake-like decorative piping on a soap! I'll be back when a need pulls me here.

I also love the concept of the "noble soaps" and the psychological/spiritual magic behind it.
- Christina

5 Stars
Best soap I've ever used!
This aloe soap is the best thing I've found for my dry aging skin. It's very gentle and smells fresh.
- Leanne

5 Stars
Wonderful soap!
These soaps are beautiful and lightly scented but my favorite thing is the lather. Most natural soaps don't lather up enough for me. If you are looking for beauty and function, give these a try.
- Debbie G.

5 Stars
Almost too pretty to use
I love the look of the Sedona Sky soap so much I'm not sure I want to use it. It has a lovely light scent. I bought several different soaps and they have a nice lather and rinse off easily leaving my skin feeling soft. But I might keep this one for display.
- Chrystina

5 Stars

Smells amazing!
Found the Poe soap at a local store and it smells SO good. It has a subtle musky scent that my husband loves. And I love it on him :)
- Kristen

4.5 Stars

Beautiful and fragrant.
I brought the Luck Dragon soap home as a gift for my wife and she loved it! She said it looked too pretty to use at first. It was very fragrant and left hands feeling soft and clean. I highly recommend this soap and look forward to trying other scents.
- Tyler S.

5 Stars
Love it!
Love the Sedona soap. Smells amazing, and last a long time. Bought more and cannot wait to try them.
- Tiffany G.

4 Stars
Skin feels hydrated.
In addition to the wonderful blueberry smell this soap left my skin feeling smooth and hydrated. Highly recommend it.
- Andy 

5 Stars
Best soap ever!
I bought 6 bars of soap and it has been the best soap I’ve ever purchased. I usually buy a different brand, but this time decided to change it up and I am so glad I did. First off the soap smells amazing and has unique looks. I bought for myself the charcoal soap and without a doubt it’s the best soap I’ve ever gotten. It’s manly and It smells amazing and gets the job done. I also bought 3 bars for each of my bathrooms and bought my wife a bar also. She absolutely loves it and it makes for a great extra Christmas gift! To be honest I’m not sure I’ll ever buy another soap again. I’m sticking with Havamal!
- Ryan F.

5 Stars
Some of the best soap I've used.
My wife and I bought 9 different bars of soap. We gave 1 bar as a stocking stuffer and we all love the soap. Every bar we have used has a great smell, good lather, and leaves you feeling clean. My favorite so far is the activated charcoal. The bars also last a very long time. I 100% recommend this company and their products.
- Ric G.

 5 Stars
Beautiful soaps that work really well
I am  not normally a fan of homemade soaps but these soaps are so unusual and beautiful as well as unique ingredients that clean well. i like soaps that have foam and these foam nicely. i have tried the following so far, Seven, Perseverance and the Oatmeal one. They all had small items that are a little gritty so i didn't need my loofa and still was able to get the same clean feel. I will continue to use these and try more.
- Anna N.

 5 Stars
Absolutely amazing
I cannot thank you enuf for the beautiful soaps and speedy shipping! Smells like heaven!!! Thank you!!
- Joanna M.

5 Stars
A new desire to have them all
I've tried a few hand made natural soaps, and these take the cake! Just the right amount of well balanced and appealing scent, good lather, and no residue like I've experienced in the past. Also, the little sample bar was appreciated!
- Roger

 5 Stars
Always find something new and fun
Today I received the three soaps I ordered. I bought different soaps than I have in the past. Once again they are all winners. I particularly like the smell and beautifully simple pattern of the winter hike soap. I'll be back for more.
- Andrea L.

5 Stars
What a special gift
I received the soap sampler and one of the soap dishes for Christmas. I love each bar of soap I open! They all leave my skin so soft and clean. The smell is amazing on every single one! Will definitely reorder but deciding on just one will be impossible. This makes such a special gift from the amazing smell, the soap itself is pretty, and the brown paper wrapping. Love everything about it.
- Erin

5 Stars
Great Soap
My son gifted me with these soaps and now my husband and I only use them. Great for my dry skin. No more itching after showers.
- Debra