The Story of Hávamál Soapworks

Welcome to Hávamál Soapworks LLC!

Hávamál Soapworks combines my love of art and European traditions to produce unique soaps that are beautiful, aromatic and cleansing. Every bar is handmade in my studio through the "cold process" method, using high quality, natural ingredients.

Being part Norwegian and Swedish, I’ve always had an interest in Norse traditions and the Viking Age specifically. To the contrary of popular thought, Vikings were known to care very much about personal appearance and hygiene. Knowing this, it felt serendipitous to include this part of my heritage in my soap business. The logo is Sleipnir, Óðinn's eight-legged horse and the name Hávamál comes from Óðinn's words of wisdom which served as spiritual provisions for the Vikings on their long journeys. 

By combining two of my passions, art and tradition, Hávamál Soapworks was born and through that, I make natural, handmade soaps in the tradition of my ancestors. The result are amazing soaps for everyone! Try some for yourself today. Be warned though, once you try one, you might have to; have 'em all (Hávamál)!